The Healing Power of the Brain

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Yes, it’s true that the best healing tool is inside our heads and it isn’t the mind contemplating the power of positive thought. Positive thoughts are useful. And we all know it’s better to think positive thoughts than negative thoughts. So keep on thinking positively for a better day to day mood. However, it won’t help fix a chronic long term issue.

The Brain

The brain is that fatty organ that resides between our ears and consists of the Brain, Brain stem and the body attached – all of which forms the Brain-Body System. In itself it is a connected system, not separate as the Brain, and the Body.

The human brain is the most amazing organ not just to us humans, but within the world as we know it.

Honour The Brain

At Thinkshift we recognize and honour the brain of our clients: we use the client’s own brain-body connection to facilitate their own healing.

The steps we use are to help clients identify the body sensation associated with their presenting problems. This gives us access to the client’s Brain-Body system.

What’s in the brain is in body | What’s in the body is in the brain

This is important because what’s in the brain is in the body and what’s in the body is in the brain. No-one can gaze into the brain of another person and identify exactly where the presenting problem resides. However, we can access the body discomfort and this then allows us “access” into the brain-body system.

The client with assistance from the therapist, uses their field of vision to help ascertain a specific point that pertains to the presenting problem. We then help the client retain a focussed mindfulness on the location of the presenting problem Brainspot.

As therapists we help frame the presenting problem, the body sensation, the field of vision in a safe environment, providing a presence and attunement. This supports the clients own brain healing processes. It works because the brain is wired for healing 24/7/365 for our whole lives.

So we the therapist frame a situation for the client, so they go to that part of their brain that can do the best healing for their brain body system.healing-brain-pic-1

Survival Instincts

Our survival instincts come from the deepest parts of our brain. They drive us to survive; to cope with things in our environment. In this context the true answers come from deep in the brain. When therapists hold things for a person, that client gets access to deep healing.

Brain V’s Mind

Sadly, the human brain does not “listen” to the chatter from the mind. So “self-talk dialogue” and “talking therapies” provide very little “brain-healing” catalytic properties.

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