My name is John Millar and I own and operate 3 very busy businesses

After a recent health scare that had me paying ridiculous costs to so called “specialists” that seemed more interested in lining their pockets or prescribing me highly toxic drugs I came to the realisation that I needed other help. This is when I contacted Andrew Reay from Thinkshift Transformations and things began to immediately improve.

With his NES program I am now taking non toxic highly beneficial medication that abated my symptoms within days and with a week had them completely cleared. In conjunction with his hypnotherapy sessions it eliminated my stress, reduced my blood pressure and even allowed me to expand my mind to where my ability to gain, retain and recall information was greater than ever before.

I must admit to have been a sceptic before using the services of Andrew Reay from Thinkshift Transformations but now he not only has me as a regular client for life but a raving fan as I am referring all my friends and colleagues his way. If you want to improve you health mentally, physically and emotionally and get measurable, tangible results then you MUST see Andrew. Please do not hesitate to call or email me for further reference.

John Millar, Managing Director, More Profit Less Time Pty Ltd, Profit facilitator, Business and Executive Trainer, Professional Speaker, Dip Bus Management, Dip HR Management, Cert IV TAE, Certified Business Trainer, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Practitioner, Graduate of Money and You, LTL Graduate, Graduate Elite Trainers Master Class, www.moreprofitlesstime.com

Maree from Carrum, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

When I came to Thinkshift to get Andrew’s help, I had real issues with anxiety, weight, depression and a series of compulsive obsessive behaviours which severely limited my day to day functioning and disturbed my mind on a minute by minute basis.

In the two sessions with Andrew we worked on some deep hypnosis and within that time I was able to manage my responses to the obsessive behaviour and this allowed me to get back to study, a normal life, not spending time doing unnecessary rituals to get through the day: turning taps on the “right way’, walking through a doorways in the “right way” and having to touch wood with thumbs in a factor of five times – that’s all behind me. Thank you so very much.

Hans from Port Melbourne, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Nail Biting

I have been biting my nails for over 30 years and over this time had limited success controlling this habit. I tried everything over three decades from lacquers to all sorts of snake oil and in the end I decided to give hypnosis a go. Earlier I always had to concentrate not putting my fingers in my mouth, which is a very exhausting activity on its own, but one session with Andrew did the job and now I even stopped inadvertently chewing pens and pencils at work!! The success of this one session is literally growing before my eyes and last week I had a manicure for the first time in my life. This has given me a massive confidence boost at work and in my social life as I no longer have to hide my hands under tables at meetings and in restaurants.

Sanjay from Moonee Ponds, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Men’s Sexual Performance

I contacted Thinkshift to get some help with my sexual performance, self esteem, concentration and memory for study and for general success in life.

After the first session my sexual performance was fixed, after the second my self esteem and study and concentration and the third session was a reinforcement success in life and a general recap. I am very happy to have all these issues resolved. Thank you Andrew.

Jon from St Kilda, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Addictions

I had some addiction concerns that I wanted to resolve, but they were just a smoke screen for bigger issues to do with the expression of feelings and the acceptance of self. I downloaded some information from the Thinkshift website, a self discovery survey and realised I wanted to get the matters resolved. I did three sessions with Andrew, the first two a week apart and then the last session two weeks later. Andrew set homework at the end of each session, which I did and it was worthwhile …. I am no longer addicted to anything, and I feel like a new person. Thanks.

Ann from Mentone, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Relationships

I wanted to improve my relationships and dissolve past behavioural issues, which I felt were holding me back. I wasn’t sure how to move forward with my life after the end of a 4 year relationship with my partner.

I called Andrew at Thinkshift and took the step to improve my life. I’d never really experienced hypnosis before, but I found that the session had a profound effect on me and I walked out with a happy disposition feeling lighter, more at ease and certainly more positive about life. Thank you Andrew.

Tom from Bentleigh, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Tolerance

I wanted to improve my general intolerance of other people, to resolve some issues with a particular neighbour, noisy people in cinemas and really lots of little things, all of which meant I wasn’t enjoying my life to the fullest. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy, but I’d tried everything else and had nothing to lose, it had got to the point where I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I was certainly surprised when after three sessions over 2 weeks, I found myself being able to cope with life more fully, my life had changed for the better. The hypnotherapy with Andrew proved to be very beneficial.

Therese from Ormond, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Anxiety

I had been unemployed for a period of 8 months and found that my confidence was diminishing with each job interview and each knock back that I received. I always got to the last two of the selection, however, something was always holding me back from nailing that job. I contacted Andrew from Thinkshift and had two sessions. My focus was predominantly interview nerves / anxiety, however Andrew delved deeper, at first I didn’t see the relevance, however, I was then made aware of the patterns that I had developed. I have since been able to break through these barriers and present myself as the confident and competent professional that I am. Two job interviews later I landed myself the job that I had been seeking in the professional area of my choice. Thank you for your professionalism, directness, understanding and sense of humour.

Lea from Hillside, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Weight Loss

I had been feeling miserable, depressed and lacking self confidence and on top of that my weight had exploded over the last few years out to over 120 kgs. A friend of mine had been to see a hypnotherapist about an eating disorder and within just 3 sessions has resolved her issue. Based on her recommendation I came to see Andrew at Thinkshift. Andrew really helped me lose weight by resolving issues around my past, my present circumstances, about confidence and other matters and I have already lost 18 kgs in 6 weeks and well on my way to shedding the 50 kgs which is my target. I now understand so much more about myself, my life has changed, I have a social life, I am motivated to be part of life instead of being alone and I’m losing weight at the right rate, without the need for any expensive diet plans. Thank you Andrew for helping me.

Jack from Elwood, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Stop Smoking

Starting smoking at 16 and now in my later 30’s I thought it was time to quit, but I was stuck in the coffee and cigarette habit, and all those other “connections” – but I felt like a social pariah, aware that I smelt like tobacco and that taste after smoking, my gums and teeth were deteriorating, so it was time. I called Andrew at Thinkshift and we chatted on the phone for a few minutes, I felt comfortable making an appointment and then the day came for me to quit, and after the hypnotherapy session I no longer smoke. I enjoyed the hypnotherapy session and would recommend anyone thinking about quitting cigarettes to give hypnotherapy serious thought and contact Andrew at Thinkshift for sure. Thanks mate.

Mary from Oakleigh, Victoria. Prersenting Issue: Stop Smoking

I had been a smoker for 12 years, and my first cigarette was with a group of friends, but I’d worked out that I was stuck in the habit of smoking and that I was smoking from boredom. I decided to try hypnotherapy, and saw Andrew Reay at Thinkshift, and to put it quite simply, I no longer smoke and feel like I never smoked in the first place. I feel fantastic; I can walk, run, do exercise and play with my nephews and dog without panting or chest pain. I can breathe properly and taste food now. I have sent some friends to Andrew since it has been so effective for me, and they are off the cigarettes for good. Thank you for helping me…. and my friends.

Claire from Port Melbourne, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Lack of Confidence

Dear Andrew, It’s been almost one year from when I first had an appointment with you. In that time I have adopted what was transferred in our hypnotherapy session and have now got the business that I’d been wanting to start, up and running.

In the appointment and hypnotherapy session that I had with you, we covered allot and you were very quickly able to identify which areas I was needing assistance with, even if I wasn’t sure what these areas were myself at the time. I felt that perhaps because of your strong corporate business background, it was very easy for me to identify with you and felt that you understood where I was and needed to be, therefore allowing for a very comfortable and easy session.

Thank you for your encouragement and I really feel that the session we had gave me the confidence to move with fiery enthusiasm toward my goals. I wish you all the very best Andrew and would recommend you to others with confidence.

ZP, from Brighton, Victoria. Presenting Issue: Stuck In A Rut

I would like to thank you for making such an impact in my life. I know I only had one session with you, but it triggered a whole series of events that provided me with the confidence at a time I needed it most. I wish I could have come back to have more sessions, but after our session my whole life changed in a matter of weeks.

Following our session I had the confidence to leave a job where I felt stuck and it wasn’t making me happy. A few days later I got a call to apply for a great opportunity to move to Sydney and work in a more senior role in my field. Everything just snowballed after that and fell into place.

I manifested the car of my dreams and feel like I have become a more confident and evolved person all around. I have since referred you to several of my friends who have seen you and had amazing results in their life. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to many more. I hope this is helpful, and thank you again.