Havening Techniques ®

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Havening Techniques ® are a relatively new and ever evolving form of therapy. Havening helps permanently treat and heal traumas, anxiety and phobias.  Havening has it roots firmly founded in science; it also has the ability to help create positive changes in our brain. Havening Techniques ® are a type of psychosensory therapy (this simply means applying a sensory touch) to produce an electrochemical  response in the brain, that literally heals and positively alters our mind. Experiences from our past can remain with us in our lives, stuck in our minds, resulting in…read more


Confidence and Self Esteem

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Our behaviour and self image, are often based on the manner in which we are treated by the people who are important in our lives. If we are operating under challenging circumstances, have grown up in a harsh environment or have been bullied or abused in some way it can have a significant affect on our confidence. Over time, we can develop very negative feelings and have low expectations of how we should be treated and what we can expect from life. The fear of failure can be an extremely…read more