Brainspotting versus Hypnosis

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Many of Thinkshift’s clients come to us for therapy delivered via Hypnosis. This is because Hypnosis has been demonstrated to assist a diverse range of day to day issues. From addictions to unwanted habits and from anxiety to coping with transitional life stages and moments, hypnosis has been a therapeutic mainstay. Personally I love hypnosis. As it was my second skillset it will always have fond memories for me. And I’ve conducted thousands of client hypnosis sessions. Times Have Changed Thirty years on, there are a number of new effective…read more

Side effect of social media: the fear of missing out

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It is without a doubt the biggest thing to happen in recent years, social media! Keeping up with what is happening in the lives of friends has never been more fun, easy and convenient. For many people, social media and being more closely engaged in the lives of others has never so pronounced … it is almost a daily ritual. Our capability to tap into other peoples lives and broadcast our own life, has brought about another occurrence, FoMO (fear of missing out). With social media keeping people in “the…read more

Being single: Depression risk?

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It can sometimes feel like Society puts a lot of pressure on the status of one’s relationship or lack thereof, and sometimes being single can feel like the eyes of the world see you in a certain light. Research and our own experiences tell that sometimes people are better off staying single than being in a poor relationship. From a societal point of view, the fact of being in a relationship is enough to be accepted on some sort of social level; even if that relationship is dysfunctional, destructive and…read more