Brainscaping – An Integrated Therapy Approach

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Andrew Reay had the pleasure of presenting Brainscaping® to the AACHP at the end of September 2019. The AACHP stands for the Australia Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.Thinkshift-AACHP-logo

We had to cater for double the planned attendees. Such was the level of interest for the Brainscaping®.  The Brainscaping methodology helps create fast and effective changes for people going through traumas and life transitions.

What is Brainscaping?

Brainscaping® is a psycho-sensory (mind-body) approach to working with clients. It’s especially good for those clients with long term trauma and complex trauma. They usually have high levels of emotional activation and a narrow window of tolerance.

Thinkshift-Post-BrainscapingBrainscaping is a compilation of over 30 years of theory, knowledge, and effective psychotherapeutic interventions.  It aims to assist people breakthrough the things that hold them back in their life now.


Thinkshift uses a person centered approach which embraces empathy, understanding and positive regard. This is achieved through active listening and 100% attention on our client.

Possible trauma history is respectfully explored. Reinforcing the client’s inbuilt resources is also important. Helping the client understand that they have a brain processing issue is critical. 

Family dynamics and relationships are considered. This is achieved via a genogram, a bit like a family tree. Early childhood experiences are reviewed. In many cases our younger years can be a source of traumatic events.


We assist the client understand their issues via psycho-education. And this specific form of awareness is a vital part of the healing solution. Because of this approach there is a higher degree of success of the therapeutic intervention.


In the first session, we aim to do an intervention using Brainspotting or Havening.

After that a guided visualization is done to reinforce important aspects of the session. A client debrief using standard counselling techniques completes the session.

And then our clients have the chance to decide their level of commitment to therapy.  We offer bundled packages of sessions at a reduced rate.  

About Andrew

Andrew Reay is the developer of Brainscaping.® He has been involved in counselling individuals since 1989. You can find out more about Andrew’s qualifications and experience by clicking here.

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