It is known that hypnotherapy is very successful in helping people break the smoking habit. Smoking is not just an addiction to nicotine, but an addiction to the habit.

Hypnotherapy will help you break those associations and habit patterns IF you are really ready to stop. 94% of clients who use hypnosis and are committed to stop smoking DO give up.

The feelings that people who cease to smoke cannot do day-to-day such as: drink tea, coffee or alcohol, make a phone call or a decision without a cigarette is compounded over and over with every cigarette they smoke. Hypnosis will give you the understanding, the confidence and motivation and the self-belief that you need to break the habit pattern.

Hypnotherapy can help you to change your way of doing things and seeing things. It will help you turn all the time and mental and physical energy you have spent in the past on smoking, into an ability to achieve new things in your life with a positive outlook.

There is a very high success rate with those who want to give up smoking. Research indicates that a great deal of unhealthy addictive behaviour originates in the form of compensation for lack of love, approval and creative expression. Hypnotherapy will work on self-esteem, self-belief, safety and security, which will help you to make positive changes that you want in your life.

80% of Thinkshift clients quit after the first session, 90% after the second and 99% have quit after the third session, how many it takes you is yet to be determined. Let’s find out.

Drinking In Moderation
Many people see alcohol as a modern day tranquiliser for the masses, it is so widely socially acceptable and everything in moderation. But how does one do moderation, what’s the point where too little becomes, way too much, how does one know the difference between a couple of drinks and exceeding our own guidelines. You know if you need help, let us help.

Before the problem becomes any worse, please contact us now.

Gambling Addiction
Do you know that sinking feeling as you watch your last $10 on horse 7 Race 8 at Flemington, or the wrong number comes up at Roulette, or you split two kings to get two goes at Blackjack, but went bust on both hands? Do you hope and live to win back yesterday’s losses? Has getting back your losses become an obsessive pervasive thoughts, which can never be achieved?

You know the odds of winning long -term are mathematically impossible, so before you lose more of your money or your dignity, please contact us now.

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