Grief, Loss and Sadness

Grief and lossNearly all people have probably suffered with some form of depression in their lives: perhaps at times, when our plans didn’t work out, a significant relationship failed, the sudden and unexpected loss of a enjoyable career, marriage breakdown, death of a loved one, financial concerns, all of these events can lead to a depressed state. We don’t always recognize the symptoms of depression until it has really altered our outlook on life. The symptoms may begin with a loss of interest and enjoyment, or a loss of activity, reduced energy.

Hypnosis will help the individual to have a greater sense of motivation, self-belief, energy and optimism. With hypnosis you will find you have more ability to get things done and take control of your life again. You will feel fitter and more energetic; you will see the brighter side of yourself. You will feel as if you coming out of the darkness into the light.

Hypnosis may be of benefit to long-term sufferers, without any of the damaging side effects that may be associated with prescription pharmaceuticals. Hypnosis is non-threatening, non-confrontational and extremely relaxing.

However, if you are on anti-depressants or undergoing psychotherapy, it would be best if you discuss with your GP, doctor or Psychiatrist about your plans to undertake hypnosis.

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