Social / Learning Issues ~ Adolescents / Children

Adolescents-8Adolescence is the most challenging of stage in our cycle of human development. Physically our bodies undergo massive changes, mentally we are evaluated and tested constantly, we find ourselves constantly challenged in the family unit, and finally we are subjected to the unpredictable influences of friendship groups and social situations.

Memory enhancement, exam nerves, concentration, procrastination, focus, work ethic and dyslexia can be issues that are central to the challenges that adolescents face on a day by day basis at school, and then magnified at home as environmental circumstances contribute to an already stressed and emotional activated adolescent. We have helped many other adolescents, we can help your most precious assets.

Children's IssuesChildren love the idea of magic and tricks and hypnotherapy is usually very appealing to them. A lot of children have feelings of insecurity: too tall, too short, too clever or too slow. Because children grow at different rates physically and mentally, they can feel vulnerable when they see their childhood friends seemingly moving onward and upward faster than they perceive their own progress.

Psychotherapy via hypnosis can instill in children, a wonderful sense of self-worth, confidence and self-belief which gives them the realization that they can achieve anything they so desire. There are many children’s issues which can be helped by hypnosis: anxiety, self-confidence, self-belief, esteem, bed-wetting, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, sleep disorders and night anxiety and eating disorders.

Children have no concerns with hypnosis since children are almost already in the hypnotic state, so using a form of guided visualization, children feel safe and comfortable. In this state of relaxation, the hypnotherapist can anchor positive feelings, which the child can call on when needed.  The essential ingredients when working with children are: friendly, warm, fun, enjoyment and one that centres on empowering the child. It is essential also, that at least one parent be present during the consultations.

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