Being single: Depression risk?

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It can sometimes feel like Society puts a lot of pressure on the status of one’s relationship or lack thereof, and sometimes being single can feel like the eyes of the world see you in a certain light. Research and our own experiences tell that sometimes people are better off staying single than being in a poor relationship. From a societal point of view, the fact of being in a relationship is enough to be accepted on some sort of social level; even if that relationship is dysfunctional, destructive and…read more

Career Stress

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Stress affects most people in some way. Acute (sudden or short-term) stress leads to rapid changes throughout the body. Almost all body systems (the heart and blood vessels, immune system, lungs, digestive system, sensory organs, and brain) gear up to meet perceived danger. These stress responses could prove beneficial in a critical, life-or-death situation. Over time, however, repeated stressful situations put a strain on the body that may contribute to physical and psychological problems. Chronic (long-term) stress, often as a result of pressure in the workplace, can have real health consequences…read more