Men’s Sexual Issues

“When my wife of 18 years told me that I have to get help because she had to go to another man to have her sexual desire quenched and satisfied, I felt devastated, embarrassed, a beaten man, and I decided to confront a lifetime of sexual difficulties … After 6 sessions of hypnotherapy … all those problems were transformed … they are in the past and my wife and I enjoy satisfying sexual encounters full of excitement and pleasure in a loving relationship. I should have acted sooner, rather than suffering for all those years?”  RL from Bayside

Men and the women who love them commonly experience two sexual problems that hit men below the belt, premature ejaculation (coming too soon) and erectile dysfunction (ED). There is a third common issue that many are not aware of, and that is the difficulty of experiencing ejaculation and orgasm at all. When men develop sexual difficulties, they find it very difficult to discuss the problem, even with their partner. Some believe they’re all alone, that no one else could possibly face this situation. Wrong.

These issues can often be mitigated or completely resolved. Please contact us for a confidential session to find out more.