Overwhelmed explaining trauma … Havening to the rescue

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People come in all shapes and sizes physically, but also emotionally. Some express their emotions without introducing themselves. Others are quite the opposite, never knowing about their emotional thermometer. Trauma People who have been traumatized can respond in either way. Traumatized clients expect to tell the therapists about their experience; however that’s not always necessary. In some cases, it’s better for the client not to tell their story. Because we don’t want the client to unnecessarily relive threats associated with the trauma. Threats When faced with a threat, a message…read more

The Healing Power of the Brain

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Yes, it’s true that the best healing tool is inside our heads and it isn’t the mind contemplating the power of positive thought. Positive thoughts are useful. And we all know it’s better to think positive thoughts than negative thoughts. So keep on thinking positively for a better day to day mood. However, it won’t help fix a chronic long term issue. The Brain The brain is that fatty organ that resides between our ears and consists of the Brain, Brain stem and the body attached – all of which…read more