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and create long term change

At Thinkshift we provide high quality, confidential and compassionate therapy services to people who are ready to change. We offer Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holistic and Professional Counselling, plus a range of supporting and complementary holistic therapies to facilitate your growth, break through the behaviours that hold you back, enhance your natural abilities, strengths and talents and help you achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

Valuing Your Individuality
We use micro counselling skills to fully appreciate your individual circumstances and goals, we can then utilise the power of clinical hypnotherapy to create those desired changes.

Hypnotherapy Can Create Long Term Change
At the heart of our therapy is hypnotherapy, which is a safe, powerful and gentle way to create long term positive changes in your day to day life. Hypnotherapy can eliminate outdated and unwanted habits, resolve unfinished emotional issues and overcome self limiting beliefs, fears and negativity.

All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis
Hypnosis is best described as a state of consciousness where the cognitive (thinking) powers are at rest, it is a natural, relaxed yet focused state where the therapist is able to work with the subconscious mind, by-passing the rational, analytical and logical part of the mind that normally filters new ideas, concepts and notions.

The Thinkshift Method
Using a genuine person centered approach, you will be treated with respect and honesty. You will feel supported in your progress towards your self directed goals and outcomes, whatever they may be.

Andrew ReayAndrew Reay

Thinkshift Transformational Therapist
B.Bus, M.Msc, M.Counselling,

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